Discovery Channel 'Serengeti' series narrated by Lupita Nyong'o

SERENGETI is a groundbreaking series that follows the heartwarming stories of various African wildlife (Kali the lioness and her cubs, Tembo and Nallah the elephants, Bakari the baboon, Kike the cheetah, Zalika the hyena, and Shani the zebra, amongst others) over a year showcasing the dramatic survival on the Serengeti.


Right from the start SERENGETI grips your heart with an intro into the lives of various animals. Each story is touching in it's own way and you'll want to know each animals will survive. The African landscape scenery is also vivid and amazing. You get up-close and personal with each animal as they live their lives. SERENGETI is a great wildlife film to be enjoyed by all interested in African wildlife.

This is the nature doc like you’ve never seen before!

"Simon and John have created a stunning and unique testament to a place that I have always loved. These beautiful creatures’ stories are universal, and I am honored to help take the audience on their journey." Lupita Nyong'o

With Academy Award winner Lupita Nyong'o narrating, and brought to you by Emmy Award-winning “American Idol” creator Simon Fuller and Emmy Award winning wildlife filmmaker John Downer, this Discovery Channel’s new nature documentary series is all real — and drama-packed.

Serengeti begins Sunday August 4th at 8pm on Discovery and Discovery GO


Discovery Channel travels to the vast, nearly untouched plains of Tanzania in SERENGETI, a new innovative six-part series highlighting the majestic animals and their day-to-day lives living together.

Fuller and Downer worked together on ‘Serengeti’ for several years which resulted in the most stunning footage; their team employed innovative filming techniques that showcase the dramatic and emotional relationships between the most charismatic animals on the planet in one of the most special places on the planet.

Featuring a lush original score by composer Will Gregory, and performed by artists like Lola Lennox, the series lets you experience Africa’s unimaginable beauty with its equally unforgiving brutality, highlighting daily challenges of life on the Serengeti – such as a lioness trying to provide for her small cubs after being exiled from her pride – and witness firsthand how the animal experience isn’t so different from our own.

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