Building STEM Skills with Brick Mates Stack By Numbers

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When a PR friend gifted me a Brick Mates: Stack By Numbers Puppy 3D Puzzle, I wasn't sure what to do with it. I asked her if it's a brick building set? A Puzzle? Artwork? I learned, in a way Brick Mates is all of that with a STEM tie-in.

Note: I received product sample for review purpose. Any personal views expressed are always 100% my own.

The Brick Mates brand is inspired by the need for families to have simple to use STEAM based learning kits that are hands-on and experiential for young children. Whimsical designs in the Stack by Numbers series stimulate children to develop, create, build, and have fun while developing new skills.

Use bricks to create simple 3D designs like a cupcake and a puppy or construct your own designs with a blank template. While the Lock & Learn portfolio teaches the youngest students problem solving, hand-eye coordination, color and word recognition, and group play, it also reinforces imagination.

To test out how Brick Mates works, I asked my nephew to help me build the "Stack By Numbers Puppy 3D Puzzle". Like any 5 yo, he was excited to "help" by building something.

Since everything came inside the box, we were able to quickly set up the base and layout template for the bricks. The template has both colors and numbers in the design, which helps kids know where to put the bricks to make the picture.

Now this was suppose to be a project for me and my nephew, but he quickly figured out how to stack the bricks to make the photo and explained me to "he can do himself". Shesh kid. HA!

For parents worrying about little bricks going all over the place, the Brick Mates® snaps onto the boards to keep the pieces in place! Because all the pieces connect to the baseboards, the sets travel well and can easily be taken while traveling.

The building goes quickly after my nephew learned the system and after a bit, he had his finished artwork. It came out pretty good and we were both happy with the afternoon "building" project.

A new world of hands-on learning in portable educational toys is available from Fun City Toys! Brick Mates invites toddler through elementary school children to discover innovative, visually stunning, easy to use STEM products in both their Lock & Learn and Stack by Numbers segments.

Pop the colorful pieces on the provided inlay puzzle or snap on your own preschool bricks and playset figures to POP, LOCK, and LEARN! All Brick Mates® are compatible with most popular bricks and brick playsets on the market!

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