La MaMa Kids series of creative workshops and performances

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La MaMa Kids is an affordable and wildly popular family series, which features a line-up of interactive productions to teach theatre crafts through workshops, that encourage imaginative play and hands-on learning.

Held monthly, La MaMa Kids is fun for the whole family, and a complete list of details on the season can be found below:

While You Are Out

Saturday, March 23 at 2pm and Sunday, March 24 at Noon
By Sova Theater Rod and shadow puppets by Justin Perlman & Adelka Polak

While You Are Out lands audiences in the heart of Shakespeare’s imagination as woven into Midsummer Night’s Dream where the fairies and sprites along with their king & queen play tricks on each other or anyone else who may find themselves wandering through the forest past dark.

This performance invites audiences to come both ready to dance and dressed as fairies, sprites and woodland creatures. Crystal Cymbalogy will create magical rhythms for our feet and wings. Come help to bring the forest to life at La MaMa as we dive into our dreams here among the trees, winged creatures and tricksters.

The Three Dolls

A modern American musical folktale
Sunday, March 31 at 1pm
Saturday, April 6 at Noon
Sunday, April 7 at 1pm

By Jane Catherine Shaw
Music by Clayton Daniel Briggs
Lyrics by Molly Reisman

Performers: Clayton Daniel Briggs, Jennie Egerdie, and Jane Catherine Shaw

Ziv, Hermione and Pippa are three dolls living in the dark. The sun should be up by now, but for some reason, it’s still pitch black. Through friendship, puppetry, songs and musical riddles, join us in an adventure to help the three dolls on their quest to turn darkness into light, and to make the world a brighter place for all of us to live.

La MaMa Kids: La MaMa Moves! Dance Workshop

Saturday, May 18 at Noon
Directed by: Dan Safer

In this workshop, participants will explore the basics of contact improvisation and dancing with a partner: moving up and down from the floor, rolling around, and even choreographed lifts. Sharing weight, balancing, connecting to other people, connecting to the floor. Making sure what we do is focused, fun, and surprising.

Dan Safer is a director, choreographer, performer, and teacher. He is the Artistic Director of Witness Relocation, an internationally recognized dance/theater company known in NYC as one of the “ensembles who now lead the city’s progressive theater scene” (Village Voice), and the recipients of three New York Innovative Theater Awards.

Family Play Date

Sunday, June 9, at Noon

Hosted by Richard Ebihara & Perry Yung, of Slant Performance Group, Family Play Date is a fun-filled magical and humorous cabaret performance embracing dance, music, and theatre, that is a unique event for the whole family.

Richard Ebihara & Perry Yung, founders of Slant Performance Group, ingeniously fuses puppetry, guitars, percussion, voice, and bamboo flutes into dynamic, engaging storytelling. Performances are an exciting tapestry of original live music interwoven with social satire.


Curated by Denise Greber, La MaMa Kids will conduct the workshops and performances at La MaMa’s The Downstairs Theatre (66 East 4th Street) in Manhattan.

Workshops: $10 per child (Free tickets for adult chaperones); Performances: $10 to $15 per person.

To purchase tickets, call OvationTix at: 212-352-3101; or to buy online visit:

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