Cupid’s Arrow Caprese Bites Recipe & Other Valentine’s Day Crafts

Valentine’s Day is a great day to get crafty and festive. Whether making cards, sweet snacks or decorating your home, adding a little heart (pun in tended) can really bring out the fun.

Did you know that one in four parents plan to decorate for Valentine’s Day this year? According to the new Juicy Juice Family Occasions Survey, parents will spread the love with fun and festive décor.

To help inspire families, I'm sharing this Cupid’s Arrow Caprese Bites Recipe, along with other Juicy Juice DIY crafts and recipes for Valentine’s Day.


Roma tomatoes
Basil leaves
Cheese squares of preference

Step One

  • Using your favorite cheese square snacks to make the arrow heads and fletching. Each snack will require two squares of cheese, one for the head and the other for the fletching.
  • For the arrowhead, carefully cut one square into a triangle.
  • For the fletching, do the same and then cut a smaller triangle, so that when you are done with this piece, it should look like a “V”.
  • Wash your basil leaves.

Step Two

  • For each snack, you will need two tomatoes. For each tomato, cut 1/3 off in a diagonal.
  • Then, arrange the tomatoes along the cuts to form a heart shape.
  • Once they are arranged, drive a toothpick through the middle of your “heart,” like cupid’s arrow.
  • Next, attach the cheese arrowhead and fletching to each side of the toothpick, and make sure the points face the same way.

Enjoy each snack with a basil leaf and a Juicy Juice 100% juice box!

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