February 21, 2019

How to Train Your Dragon: Hidden World Products & Videos Games

Just in time for the "How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World" release in Theaters on February 22, 2019, I received a HTTYD package filled with lots of cool stuff.

My package included

  • T-shirts featuring Toothless Face
  • Hiccup and Toothless Action Figures by Spinmaster
  • Toothless Face Mask
  • How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World Soundtrack
  • How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World Storybook
  • Dreamworks Dragons Riders Video Game Info Cards

Woah there was a lot stuffed inside that box. But there's 3 items in peculiar that I'm extra excited about.

The Toothless Face T-shirt! Come on. How cute is this?! The package includes one for me and one for my son. I couldn't wait to wear mine, so I put it on. Ha!

The Hiccup and Toothless Action Figures! I know my son will enjoy playing with these. Nothing like going on an adventure with your favorite dragon duo.

Dreamworks Dragons Riders Video Games! There's two separate games being released that features the HTTYD crew.

DreamWorks Dragons: Titan Uprising, is a match-3 puzzle role-playing game found on the App Store and Google Play.

Players will need to hatch and nurture their own roster of dragons, from small-scaled babies to towering Titan Wings, and they can also cross-breed their dragons to create all-new hybrids. With battle teams created from a collection of nearly 100 dragons, players are able to combat their foes by matching three or more rune stones. The game also allows the fearless fighters to unleash their dragon’s Spirit Abilities in more than 750 unique battles.

DreamWorks Dragons Dawn of New Riders Players will join the new heroic duo, Scribbler and Patch, in an epic battle to save the dragons and defeat a new villain, Eir, who is forcing dragons to carry out her evil plans. Coming to PlayStation® 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch™ and PC.


  • A NEW, AUTHENTIC ADVENTURE: Help Scribbler recover lost memories and forge a friendship with Patch, his unique hybrid dragon
  • EPIC BATTLES: Unlock powerful abilities and take on fearsome foes
  • EXPLORE VAST NEW LOCATIONS: Fly to familiar locations, as well as new locations, including Havenholme, Valka’s Mountain and Blood Briar Island
  • SOLVE PUZZLES: Swap between Scribbler and his dragon Patch to conquer obstacles

I received a code to download and play DreamWorks Dragons Dawn of New Riders, so I'll share my thoughts about the game a bit later.

Meanwhile, get ready to see "How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World" in Theaters!


From DreamWorks Animation comes a surprising tale about growing up, finding the courage to face the unknown and how nothing can ever train you to let go. What began as an unlikely friendship between an adolescent Viking and a fearsome Night Fury dragon has become an epic adventure spanning their lives.

Now chief and ruler of Berk alongside Astrid, Hiccup has created a gloriously chaotic dragon utopia. When the sudden appearance of a female Light Fury coincides with the darkest threat their village has ever faced, Hiccup and Toothless must leave the only home they’ve known and journey to a hidden world thought only to exist in myth. As their true destinies are revealed, dragon and rider will fight together—to the very ends of the Earth—to protect everything they’ve grown to treasure.

Cast: Jay Baruchel, America Ferrera, Cate Blanchett, Kit Harrington, Craig Ferguson, F. Murray Abraham


Written and Directed by: Dean DeBlois
Based on the Books of: Cressida Cowell
Series director Dean DeBlois returns.
Produced by Brad Lewis (Ratatouille, ANTZ) and Bonnie Arnold (Toy Story, How to Train Your Dragon, How to Train Your Dragon 2).

To learn more, visit - www.howtotrainyourdragon.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/HowToTrainYourDragon
Twitter: www.twitter.com/dwanimation
Instagram: www.instagram.com/HTTYDragon

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