‘Star Pose’ interactive exhibit and holiday events at AMNH

Celebrate the holidays at The American Museum of Natural History (AMNH) with an ocean themed Origami Holiday Tree, holiday Barosaurs made of lights, a Kwanzaa Celebration and a ‘Star Pose’.

New ‘Star Pose’ Interactive Installation at AMNH Asks Visitors to Dance with the Stars

photo credit: ©AMNH/M. Shanley

The ‘Star Pose’, is a gesture-based interactive new installation, in the Cullman Hall of the Universe, that is available on a periodic basis at the 13-foot-wide and 8-foot tall Astrobulletin.

As a visitor steps toward the screen, they are flown from Earth to star constellations including Orion (‘The Hunter’) or Scorpius (‘the Scorpion’), and asked to mimic the shape – or pose – of each.

While most depictions of the night sky are typically flat, ‘Star Pose’ aims to highlight the fact that the stars exist in three-dimensional space, with the shape of each changing as you move towards it. It is part of an ongoing effort by the Museum’s SciViz group to bring visitors into closer contact with scientific data, and is the first in a series of interactive data visualizations coming to the Hall of the Universe.

KWANZAA 2018: Saturday, December 29

This year’s cultural festival of African and African-American heritage marks the Museum’s 40th annual Kwanzaa celebration. Attendees can join in the fun and experience the rich traditions of Kwanzaa, honoring the holiday’s seven guiding principles.

The day will also include family-friendly activities, exciting performances, and an international marketplace. Past guests have included a cappella legends The Persuasions; Tony Award–winning tap virtuoso Savion Glover; rapper, producer, and beatboxer Doug E. Fresh; “American Idol” champion Ruben Studdard; and Oscar-nominated IMPACT Repertory Theatre. Milstein Hall of Ocean Life, first floor

Support for Kwanzaa is provided, in part, by the May and Samuel Rudin Foundation, and the family of Frederick H. Leonhardt.


photo credit: ©AMNH/D. Finnin

The two merrily lit 19-foot Holiday Barosaurs, which greet visitors to the Museum on the front steps throughout the holiday season, are made of openwork stainless steel and festooned with pine boughs and lights. Illuminated at night, the whimsical dinosaurs flank the Museum’s Central Park West staircase and echo the Barosaurus mount in the Theodore Roosevelt Rotunda.


photo credit: ©AMNH/R. Mickens

An annual Museum tradition, the decorated 13-foot Origami Holiday Tree theme this year is Oceans of Origami, with models inspired by the Museum’s special exhibition Unseen Oceans. Attendees can expect to see angelfish, lionfish, anglers, various sharks, whales, dolphins, tangs, eels, among other treasured models.

Volunteers, including local, national, and international origami artists, fold year-round, contributing to a collection of over 1,000 models that will be displayed on the tree. During the holiday season, volunteers will be on hand to teach visitors of all ages origami, the art of paper folding. The tree is located in the Museum’s Grand Gallery and will be on view until January 13, 2019.

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