Netflix Next Gen starring Constance Wu, Charlyne Yi, and John Krasinski #NextGen

A girl and her robot taking on bad robots to save the world? If that's something you'd like to watch, then be sure to watch NEXT GEN, on Netflix starting September 7! I'm SO excited to watch this.


NEXT GEN is an animated action-adventure film about the bittersweet power of memories. It tells the story of an unlikely friendship between a rebellious girl and a runaway combat robot, as they unite to stop a madman's plan for technological world domination.

When lonely Mai accidentally awakens a top-secret robot, the two forge an unlikely bond, teaming up to take on bullies and thwart an evil plot.

Starring: John Krasinski, David Cross, Michael Peña, Charlyne Yi, Jason Sudeikis, Constance Wu

Netflix | Next Gen Official Trailer [HD]

Directed by: Kevin Adams, Joe Ksander
Written by: Kevin Adams, Joe Ksander
Produced by: Javier Zhang, Jeff Bell, Ken Zorniak, Patricia Hicks, Charlene Kelly, Olivia Hao

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