August 15, 2018

Why Disney Doorables are good collectibles for kids #DisneyDoorables

When I first learned about the Disney Doorables collection (an exclusive partnership between Disney and Moose Toys), I thought they were a great idea. Kids LOVE collecting figures to trade, share and build a personal collection.

Note: I received product sample for review purpose. Any personal views expressed are always 100% my own.

So I told my son that I requested a few Disney Doorables for review. He was not pleased. He felt they were for girls and said he wasn't interested. Hmm. That was until the package arrived. Then he was curious. HA.

While he still felt this was a "girl" toy, he wanted me to hurry and open the first mini box. While the first Disney Doorables was a princess (oh so cute!), my son was now excited to see which other Disney characters were in the other boxs. And so he "helped" me open the rest of them.

Surprise, surprise we scored a nice variety of Disney Doorables and guess what, they weren't all for girls or princesses. Also, guess what again. My son LOVED discovering the Disney Doorables characters from some of his favorite Disney movies.

He then started checking the collectors guide to see which ones were in which series and whether they were common, rare or limited edition. Turns out he had a limited edition Pooh Bear. He was SO excited. Gone was the thought this was a "girls" toy.

And that is an important point. Disney Doorables can be enjoyed by both girls AND boys over 5 years. There's lots of appeal here for both genders including

  • The fun of blind packs. Kids love opening toys to "discover" what's inside. Since there are 33 blind pack characters in the first wave, kids will be excited to try and collect them all.
  • Disney Doorables are fun to look at and play with. They have sparkle eyes made of glass and are small enough to hold in the palm of your hand. Or put into your pocket. Toys that are easy to carry are always a good thing.
  • They are Disney collectables. It's super exciting to "find" your favorite Disney characters in one of the packs to grow a "collection". And even if you don't, then you can trade with someone else. Share and trade the happiness.

Along with blind pack characters, The Disney Doorables collection features collectible playsets. The playsets can connect and stack with each other to expand the creative play worlds.

As you can see, when it comes to fun, Disney Doorables offers something for all kids (and adults). 

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