Trove Game: Bomber Royale action-packed multiplayer mode

Trove, which is free to download for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC, just introduced a free to play Bomber Royale mode, that offers a more family-friendly, all ages alternative to Fortnite, featuring all the fun and hectic gameplay of a Battle Royale-type game.

How’s it different from the Battle Arena?

Bomber Royale achieves a completely balanced competitive environment by giving all Trovians the same two core abilities: Rubber Bombs and Climbing Claw.

  • Rubber Bombs are thrown explosives that bounce off the first surface they hit and explode on the second surface.
  • Climbing Claw is a grappling hook that sticks into the terrain and pulls you to the point of contact. This is great for saving yourself from falling off the arena map, escaping incoming attacks, or getting up close and personal with other players.

Trove's Bomber Royale Mode Trailer

What else can we look forward to in Bomber Royale?

Bomber Royale maps come littered with power ups. Run through a power up block on the map to claim that powerup as your own. These power ups can reduce the cool down of your attacks, empower your other attacks with devastating modifications, and much more!

After you’re victorious, or if you’re somehow defeated, you can queue up for the next match or jump back into the Hub. If you’re new to Trove, or just looking to level up a new class, Trove Bomber Royale gives XP so you can level up while kicking cubic butt!

In addition to the sweet XP, you can also look forward to an all-new reward system for Trove Bomber Royale.*

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  • (1) of (4) Trove: Bomber Royale PS4 Codes ($99.99 value, which is 18,500 Credit Pack with 100 Patron Points)


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  1. I want to win for my kids.
    Thanks for the chance.

  2. I would love to win this for my nephew. He loves playstation games. Bernie Wallace BWallace1980(at)hotmail(d0t)com

  3. Would love this game for my best friend. He has his 6yo son on the weekends who loves to bond with his dad over video games. Only issue, theres not that many games they can play together. Think this is the perfect game the two can play and bond over. Thanx.

  4. It looks to a less violent way of providing a fun game for the kids.

  5. This is game is fabulous for everyone in my family to enjoy and this prize would give us so much more enjoyment from the game! I'd love to win this for my family :-)