Season 4 of DreamWorks Home: Adventures with Tip & Oh on Netflix

As big fans of DreamWorks Home, we've been enjoying  Netflix's "Adventures with Tip & Oh" animated series. So I'm glad to see that Season 4 for DreamWorks Home: Adventures with Tip & Oh will premiere on Netflix on Friday, July 20th.

The hilarious best friend duo is at it again, joining in on new trends with a crazy twist in all-new episodes of Home: Adventures with Tip & Oh!

This season, they meet with a famous online star and toe-tap with girly girls at dance classes, they compete in a major rap battle, and even try to get their nose pierced! And when Oh gets stuck in an alternate universe, Tip and Oh realize more than ever how crazy life would be without their best friendship.

Get ready to groove with the Boov in the most adventurous season yet, on Netflix July 20th.

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