5 Earth Day Friendly Toys & Products

This April, celebrate Earth Day (April 22) with a toy or product from these eco-friendly brands. Whether it is eco-safe products or causes, they are giving our planet Earth and its inhabitants a little extra love:

GREEN TOYS: From milk jugs to toys, the company continues to transform the toy industry with an expanded new lineup of US-made, eco-friendly and socially responsible children’s products that encourage open-ended, unplugged play - including its new Sesame Street line.

Abby’s Garden Planting Activity Set

With Abby’s Garden Planting Activity Set, kids can watch nature at work while growing their very own garden. Join Abby, Elmo, and the whole Sesame Street gang in the Growing Magic Guide, and learn about plants, growing, and gardening through unique coloring pages and engaging activities like matching and spot-the-difference. In addition to the Growing Magic Guide, the 17 piece set includes three planting pots, three packets of seeds, three soil pucks, three plant markers, and four sticker sheets. MSRP $19.99.

To learn more, visit - www.greentoys.com

WILD REPUBLIC: This Earth Day, international toy company Wild Republic is partnering with the Cleveland Zoological Society to support the Asian Turtle Program. They will do this by donating a percentage of their web sales throughout the month of April to the zoo's international fund to benefit these endangered species.

The Cleveland Zoologial Society is the nonprofit partner and advocate of Cleveland Metroparks Zoo. Sadly, more than half of Asia’s 90 species of tortoises and freshwater turtles are endangered; most are critically endangered. Nearly 1/3 of all freshwater turtle and tortoise species are found in Asia and are threatened by large-scale, unsustainable trade for sale in food markets and traditional medicine. Cleveland Metroparks Zoo is a founding partner of the Asian Turtle Program, which works to prevent the illegal trade of endangered species for food and commercial use and studies species threatened with extinction.

To learn more, visit - www.WildRepublic.com

ALEX BRANDS: Known for its iconic line of products that are committed to helping children become more active and develop their imagination and creativity. Alex Brands has a multitude of products that teach children about the environment and world around them, encouraging them to get outside and immerse themselves in it.

Alex Toys My Flower Press

Take a nature walk and find some leaves and flowers, then press them for years to come! Paint and decorate your wooden flower press to showcase them. You can also make beautifully designed notecards, gift tags, bookmarks, scrapbook pages and more. Kit includes easy to follow instructions, and blotting paper, brushes, paints, tweezers, wooden beads, craft glue, hemp, hole punch. Recommended for ages 5 and up, MSRP $20.99.

To learn more, visit - www.alexbrands.com

THAMES & KOSMOS: Known for its fun and educational kits and games, Thames & Kosmos was founded with the mission of improving informal science education outside of the classroom by publishing high-quality science kits for children of ages.

Thames & Kosmos Kids First Botany: Experimental Greenhouse

Budding botanists will love getting their hands dirty with this unique biological science kit offering more than 30 experiments. Learn about plants and seeds by conducting experiments in a specially designed botanical laboratory with greenhouse domes. Assemble the domed greenhouses, complete with thermometers and ventilation. Construct an automatic watering system to keep your plans from getting too thirsty. Grow beans, cress and zinnia flowers, and learn how each plant has different needs.

With a 48-page, full-color illustrated guidebook, this kit teaches botany fundamentals with step-by-step instructions for the hands-on experiments, as well as growing information for many common plants. MSRP $39.95; ages 5-7

To learn more, visit - www.thamesandkosmos.com

PARA'KITO: A line of refillable mosquito repellent wristbands that uses nothing but natural essential oils, is DEET and GMO free (and spray free!) to combat these universally hated insects.


The leading manufacturer of natural mosquito repellent offers its classic Roll-On Gel. With simple ingredients containing just a patented blend of all-essential oils, PARA'KITO provides all-day and night protection without the need for sticky chemical sprays. PARA'KITO also offers a complete collection of repellent wristbands and clips. MSRP $19.50

To learn more, visit - www.parakito.com

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