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Does your child like storytelling? Then learn more about Lunii "My Fabulous Storyteller", which allows kids 3 - 8 yrs to create their own stories and hear it played back to them screen free.

Note: I was invited as media for a demo. Views expressed are always 100% my own.

I thought it was an interesting idea, so I met with the French founders of Lunii while they were in NYC for Toy Fair. I was able to hear more about their ideas and purpose behind Lunii "My Fabulous Storyteller", while seeing a demo of it in action.

Lunii "My Fabulous Storyteller" is really simple to use. Kids can choose options to put together a story including the hero, the place, and the object. Then listen to it play back.

They can create and hear one of the 48 stories. It is up to them to choose. There's also a LuniiStore with more content so kids have unlimited possibilities with the creative storytelling.

The Lunii founders also mentioned some education elements including learning numbers, history, etc. Those options aren't fully available in the English version yet but they promise to send me more info and demo unit to try out Lunii "My Fabulous Storyteller".

I'll give a full report when I have that info.

Lunii Video - English Version

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