Tasting Harlem Shake 'Wacombo' Inspired by Black Panther Movie

By 2/21/2018 02:39:00 PM

Now that Black Panther is playing in theaters, so many are planning a "family movie day/night" out. But before heading to the theaters (or after) families should stop by Harlem Shake to try their limited time exclusive "Black Panther Wacombo Meal" available from Feb 15 - 28.

Note: I received a complimentary Wacombo and kids meal for review purpose. However, any personal views expressed are always 100% my own.

We visited Harlem Shake to try it out and it was SO good! We highly recommend it and here's a few reasons why.

The Patty Melt on Black Rye is just the right amount of gooey meatiness. It's actually lightly flavored and the rye bread blended well with the meat and cheese to leave a nice finishing taste.

The Black Potato Fries were soft and a little sweet. I kinda wished they were a bit more crunchier but that's just me. Most people will just enjoy the fries as they are. And the cool darker color adds something special visually.

There's a choice between the Black Beer (Smoke & Dagger Porter) for adults or the Black Chocolate Float for kids. Sorry kid, I opted for the beer.

Let me go on record as saying that Black Beer was something. Full bodied. Full of taste and so smooth! If I didn't have the kid with me I would have had another one! Honestly.

But things don't end there. As if the food itself isn't enough for families to enjoy, the combo meal also comes with special edition copy of Black Panther comic book! Major score points with the kid for this.

Overall, I think Harlem Shake did an amazing job with their exclusive "Black Panther Wacombo Meal". After enjoying our meal, I took a look around to get the "feel" of the place.

I was pleasantly surprised that Harlem Shake wasn't just for the preppy uptowners. I could see families coming in for an after-school snack (they have kid friendly menu) or coming in for a dinner night.

I wanted to learn more about Harlem Shake, along with the tasty menu, so I asked for a quick mini interview with the owners.

How did the chef choose these items to make the Wacombo Meal combo?

Jelena Pasic, Founder, directly worked with the chef to put a spin on some of the best menu selections - Patty Melt and French Fries by give them a dark and stormy visual with "Black Panther" Fries (Purple Potatoes) and changing the white or wheat bread to a dark pumpernickel rye for the Patty Melt.

Adding Black Chocolate Soda Float or Smoke and Dagger Beer for ominous drink to complete the look of the combo.

Tell me, why Harlem Shake is a great spot for families?

Harlem Shake welcomes all audiences of ages, races, diverse backgrounds to enjoy their retro diner style, celebration of Harlem culture, premium quality ingredients to create one of a kind menu options that everyone can enjoy.

I'd say that Harlem Shake definitely offers something that everyone can enjoy. While our first visit was for the taste test, we have plans to go back to enjoy whatever else Harlem Shake has to offer.

To learn more about Harlem Shake, visit - www.harlemshakenyc.com

Facebook - www.facebook.com/HarlemShakeNYC
Twitter - www.twitter.com/HarlemShakeNYC
Instagram - www.instagram.com/HarlemShakeNYC

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