SmartGurlz Dolls & Scooters Teach Girls Computer Coding

SmartGurlz is a revolutionary toy brand whose line of self-balancing robots and action dolls are encouraging young women to become tomorrow’s programmers.

With SmartGurlz, girls ages 6 and up will learn to see science, technology, engineering, and math in a whole new and engaging light.

How are SmartGurlz different?

  • Stylish -- SmartGurlz look just like the dolls she already loves, but come with a programmable Siggy scooter that will excite her curiosity and teach her new skills. 

  • Story-Based – Girls love to role play. These robots use story-based missions, adventures, games, and books to stimulate her imagination and capture her interest.
  • Empowering – Each doll comes with a strong background personality such as chemist, computer hacker, or mathematician.
  • Engaging App – The Sugar Coded app for smartphones and tablets teaches girls to code with fun assignments and stories.

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  1. This is pretty neat! I want one for myself. I remember seeing Smart Gurlz scooting around at Toy Fair back in January. So coo!