Babytime! Nurturing Balm & Active Repair Cream Protect Kids Skin

Fall sports has started for my son. Which means long hours outside in fall (almost winter) air that can make his skin dry. To keep his skin moisturized, I tried Babytime! Nurturing Balm and Active Repair cream.

Note: I received product sample for review purpose. Any personal views expressed are always 100% my own.

So let me say, yes I know these products are geared towards babies, but really they work for all skin types that need some TLC. Both products create a barrier to help soothe, protect and repair skin.

  • The Nurturing Balm is unscented and uses sinc, tea tree oil and organic calendula to battle bacteria and seal out wetness while pure aloe vera and calendula extracts promote healing and minimize redness.
  • The Active Repair cream uses 95% organic ingredients such as calendula, zinc and ceramides that help protect reduces itching and overall irritation.

I was impressed that both products helped protect and sooth my son's skin issues related to his Fall sports. I think these can work for most skin issues so give them a try.

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