Snowbear Inuit Folktale Children’s Book by Elisabeth Schalij

Have you read any Inuit tribes folktales? Most of us haven't, which is why we need more books like SNOWBEAR: A Story Inspired by Inuit Folktales.

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I received the book for review and think it's a great intro to one of the Inuit fairy-tales. The book is semi-short. I was able to read it within a few minutes but that's only because I wanted to know what happened next. LOL

Once I read the story, I then went back and looked at the pictures. I wish the pictures had more color, because they are also part of the storytelling and very engaging. While there is a part about death it's not graphic and no blood is shown.

The story-line itself was a simple mix of everyday storytelling about the life of an Inuit family mixed in with folktales about the animals they know. In some ways I wish the story wasn't as simple but overall it's a great book for children and their families to read for exposure to Inuit Folktales.

Snowbear: A Story Inspired by Inuit Folktales by Elisabeth Schalij

When Elisabeth Schalij worked at the Museum of the American Indians, it was her job to research and study the many folktales of Inuit tribes. In her study of history and culture of these Indian clans, there was one story that struck a special place in her heart. Schalij now brings that tale to life with her first children’s book “SNOWBEAR: A Story Inspired by Inuit Folktales.”

“SNOWBEAR” shares the story of an Inuit family and their search for hunting grounds. A story for all ages, two Inuit children battle rough landscape and come face-to-face with wild animals, including a grizzly bear, seal and magical SNOWBEAR himself. In the end, they do what is necessary for survival, making an unlikely friend along the way.

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