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On August 12th, for a one-day-only special event, GKIDS's award-winning fantasy adventure MUNE: GUARDIAN OF THE MOON will open theaters nationwide as an English language version featuring a voice cast: Rob Lowe, Christian Slater, Patton Oswalt, Ed Helms, and Jeff Dunham.


I was able to screen MUNE: GUARDIAN OF THE MOON before it opens in theaters and I was really impressed with both the animation and the story-line.

As you follow Mune, one of the main characters, you discover an amazing world filled with inner strength and beauty. The lesson Mune learns is to believe in himself and work with others towards a goal. A lesson that all families can relate from Mune's journey.

Besides adventure and self discover, the film also offers many humorous moments. Life lesson don't always have to be serious and deep. The film does a great job of weaving in those moments.

Beyond story-line, the animation is a delight to watch. Each scene is worthy of attention just for visual. I LOVED the colors of both the day and night worlds and creatures.

Make sure you catch MUNE: GUARDIAN OF THE MOON in theaters on August 12th!


As legend has it, the first Guardian of the Sun threw a harpoon into the cosmos and roped the sun to bring light and warmth to all of humanity. Then the Guardian of the Moon lured the moon to the Land of Darkness to provide a balance to the sun and supply the world with dreams.

At a ceremony to appoint the two new guardians, an accident seems to occur: the heir apparent is passed over, and the title of Guardian of the Moon is bestowed on the waif-like creature, Mune, a small forest faun who is unprepared to take on such a weighty responsibility.

This news excites Necross, the nefarious ruler of the Underworld, who decides to prey on Mune's weakness and steal the sun for himself. Now it is up to unlikely hero Mune and his friend Glim to save the sun and restore order to the world.

Mune: Guardian of the Moon [US Trailer, GKIDS]

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