Hero Clean Products Review for Home & Pet Areas

Leave it to last minute plans to host family and friends for the Fourth of July to motivate you to do a bit of overdue house cleaning! As an always on the go household of two kids, two parents and two dogs in a tiny New York apartment, what we couldn't get done in a few weeks we managed to tackle in less than 48 hours with the help of Hero Products.

Note: I received product sample for review purpose. Any personal views expressed are always 100% my own.

Written by Mike Wilson, a chef, husband and dad blogger at Dellah’s Jubilation, a lifestyle blog about celebrating life, finding inspiration in everyday things & reveling in everything fabulous about NYC.

With the HERO CLEAN line of household products including laundry pouches, hand and dish soap, odor eliminators, and all purpose cleaners not only is my house clean and smelling manly fresh, but there is no disputing who cleaned the house.

Nothing better than your special lady coming home and smelling her HERO!!

The first on my list to tackle was the mounds of laundry, which seems to grow to no end. With two active boys: one who's just starting puberty and one with sweaty toes, those underarm areas and stinky socks needed lots of love and the Hero Clean single dose Laundry detergent pacs did the trick.

This 5 in 1 Detergent is formulated for stains, odors, whitening, color brightening and fabric longevity. It's great for everyday use and for families who sweat it out on the field and in the gym. The odor defeater technology targets male sweat odor and scent without being overbearing for women. My wife really loved the smell.

While the clothes got their deep cleaning, it was time to tackle the pots and pans. As a professional line cook the family expects me to throw down in the kitchen and on the grill but with all that good cooking, comes a pile up of dishes.

The Hero Clean and dish hand soap worked great since food gets bonded to cookware so easily. As instructed I added three pumps of soap into the sink of hot water and let the dishes soak. With the no scrub technology, the grime loosened up and could be removed without a lot of elbow grease.

Of course after just mopping one of the boys spills juice all on the bedroom floor and our puppy had an accident in the hallway. With just a few sprays of the Hero Clean All- purpose cleaner, both messes were wiped up and the area looked good as new. An FYI, it can also be used in any room of the home and the garage.

For a final touch before our guests arrived, we sprayed the rooms and areas in the living room (where our fox terrier and bully sleep) with the Hero Clean Odor Eliminator, which has the Probiotic Bacteria Fighter that fights odor causing bacteria at the source on clothing, sheets, autos, furniture, carpeting and pet zones.

As you can see, we really found many uses for The Hero Clean Kit, which costs only $25 online and is worth every dollar! Plus a portion of all proceeds are donated to Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America and the products are made right here in the USA.

Hero Clean products are available at Target, select Ace Hardware Stores, Wegman’s, Jet.com, Amazon.com and other participating retailers.

To learn more, visit - www.hero-clean.com


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