Toca Life: Hospital App is fun and educational

Toca Boca has released Toca Life: Hospital, which gives children a peek into life and business within a hospital. I had a chance to review the app and think it's both a fun and educational addition to the Toca Life series.

Toca Life: Hospital App

Note: I received a code to download the app for review purpose. Views expressed are always 100% my own.


When I first read about Toca Life: Hospital features, I wondered how the developers would breakdown such a busy world to a kid friendly app game. Lots of things happen at a hospital.

But the app shows it all in simple and fun ways kids can enjoy. Based on a real life hospital, there are separate floors to explore with different areas in each section. Each area features a part of hospital life from arriving in an ambulance, getting x-rays, and a recovery area.

Like other Toca Life apps, kids can change their characters, move items around and play with the interactive background pieces. There's also lots of wacky and fun elements to the game like the cats in the waiting area and the birds taking a shower in the bathrooms.

Toca Life: Hospital App

About Toca Life: Hospital

Toca Life: Hospital puts kids in control of every aspect of the hospital experience. It gives them a chance to play things out, which help to increase their comfort level around hospitals.

“Hospitals can be an important part of life that involve a lot of strong feelings for kids — joy, excitement, sadness, fear,” said Petter Karlsson, play designer, Toca Boca. “Which is why we wanted to introduce this important component of kid’s lives to the Toca Life series in a positive and fun way. Toca Life: Hospital gives kids a way to explore and play with those feelings, putting them in control of an environment that can seem out of control and creating positive associations with hospitals.”

Toca Life: Hospital | Trailer

Kids can experience welcoming newborn babies into the world and see how family members and medical staff love and care for tiny, swaddled babies. They’ll also get to explore the operating room, discover the secret lab, stop by the waiting room, or grab a snack at the cafĂ©. There is also a maternity unit with a fun ultrasound machine, garden to meditate and reflect,

As with all Toca Boca apps, Toca Life: Hospital features a kid-friendly interface with no in-app purchases or third-party advertising, free of rules, levels or high scores.

Toca Life: Hospital is available for $2.99 on the App Store, Google Play and Amazon.

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