GoldieBlox Children's Books Series about STEM

For kids’ summer reading lists, the new series of chapter books for GoldieBlox will be fun and educational. Throughout the series, Goldie, the world’s first girl engineer character, will teach kids about the fun of STEM and encourage them to roll up their sleeves and get building.

GoldieBlox and Random House Children's Books Series about STEM

GoldieBlox, along with Random House Children’s Books and the company’s Random House Books for Young Readers imprint, released the first two books—Goldie Blox Ruins Rules the School and Goldie Blox and the Three Dares.

Why is there such a strong need for characters like Goldie?

  • Very few children’s books feature female protagonists and even fewer have female characters who aren’t princesses or girls waiting on their prince
  • Across children’s media, only 19.5% of female characters hold jobs or have career aspirations vs. 80.5% of male characters
  • Women make up more than half of the U.S. workforce, but yet they comprise just 24% of STEM workers

Penned by children’s book author Stacy McAnulty, a mechanical engineer herself, the series for ages 6-9, brings Goldie to life through rich, educational and hilarious stories. Each chapter book will chronicle her passion for inventing, her friends, and their world.

  • The first title, Goldie Blox Ruins Rules the School, is an origin story introducing readers to Goldie’s offbeat world and the misadventures that lead to finding her new BFFs. When Goldie Blox accidentally blows off the roof of her school, she and her friends Val, Ruby, and Li have to work together and use their creative know-how to rebuild the school.
  • The second book, Goldie Blox and the Three Dares, follows Goldie’s adventures as she finds her beloved Gran's book of 100 dares and is determined to complete the last three challenges--before Gran's 77th birthday. With the clock ticking, Goldie and her friends, the Gearheads, must use all their smarts and creativity to finish the dares and make Gran proud.
  • The next book in the series, GoldieBlox and the Best! Pet! Ever!, will follow in September 2017.

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