Playtex Sport & Aly Raisman Advice for Girls in Sports Tryouts

To help put nerves to rest, Playtex® Sport® and gymnast Aly Raisman are working together to provide girls with the tools and advice they need to survive tryouts and persevere through their periods.

Playtex Sport and Aly Raisman Advice for Girls in Sports Tryouts

To continue providing platforms for girls to be active in sports, Playtex® Sport® donated $10,000 to the Wendy Hilliard Gymnastics Foundation to assist in the organization's efforts to inspire underserved youth by providing them with the support they need to succeed in gymnastics. Raisman was on hand to present the donation during gymnastic practice held on April 5th.

"Playtex® Sport® is proud to partner with Aly Raisman and provide its support to such an inspiring organization," said Marimer Maldonado, Playtex Sport Brand Manager. "With each new product, our goal is to give girls the confidence they need so that they can focus on what really matters – being the best athlete they can be."

As part of this mission, the "Try It. Trust It. Play On." video featuring Raisman introduces the NEW Playtex® Sport® Compact tampon and shares tips to help a young gymnast during a surprise visit.

"Even though I've been competing in gymnastics since I was a little girl, I still get nervous before trials or a competition," said Raisman. I need to feel confident no matter the situation and am always on the go which is why I'm excited to partner with Playtex Sport. Their new compact tampon helps me focus on performing at my best without any added stress from my period and is the perfect size for travel!"

Whether hoping to make the high school basketball team or competing for a spot to represent your country, tryouts are a stressful experience. In fact, the top two things Gen Z girls feel are most likely to ruin a sports tryout are being overly nervous or self-conscious (36%) and being on her period (33%)*.

NEW Playtex® Sport® Compact tampon

Featuring the most compact tampon**, this new line will keep you ready to show off your skills during try-outs without letting your period become a distraction. Now 30% smaller than your full size, Playtex® Sport® Compact is discretely pocket sized while still providing the same 360° Sport Level Protection® and FlexFit® technology that allows it to move the way you move and fit perfectly in your gym bag.

Get a Playtex Sport Tryout Kit

NEW Playtex® Sport® Tryout Kit

Now through September 30th, customers who purchase Playtex® Sport® Compact in-store are invited to snap a picture of their receipt and send it by text message or email to to receive a free Tryout Kit by mail.

After submitting their proof of purchase, they will receive a code to redeem their Tryout Kit featuring essential items to help girls succeed including wireless headphones, sunscreen, lip balm and a headwrap.

For more information on how to redeem a free Tryout Kit, visit

For more information on the New Playtex® Sport® Compact, visit

*Playtex® Sport® online survey completed by 1,000 girls ages 13-17
**Based on length before extension vs. leading brands

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