Louis Chan Chinese Immigrant Exhibit at Pearl River Mart

From March 18 through April 30, Pearl River's will feature photographer Louis Chan's acclaimed series of photographs exploring the New York City Chinese immigrant experience.

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Part of Pearl River's latest artist-in-residence series, Louis's "My Home" exhibition will be on display in Pearl River's mezzanine level and features a collection of large-scale photographs capturing the often cramped and crowded living spaces of Chinese immigrants that represent culture, identity and psyche in a very personal way.

"I regard My Home as a contemporary marker for Chinese Americans to reflect back on the hopes, dreams, and sacrifices made for them by older generations in order for their own children to have a chance at a better life in America,” said Chan. “A legendary New York family business like Pearl River Mart perfectly encapsulates that message, which is one of the many reasons why I’m honored to exhibit my work at their gallery.”

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Known for addressing socio-economic issues in his work, Louis began the project in 2011 to chronicle how Chinese immigrants assimilate—or resist assimilation—and how they reconcile their dual Chinese and American identities.

Pearl River’s artist-in- residence series is a monthly curated exhibition featuring local artists from a variety of disciplines and backgrounds. Previous artists have included painter Chris Mendoza, photographer Corky Lee, art collective Chinatown Art Brigade, and multimedia artist Wiena Lin.

Founded as a “friendship store” in 1971, Pearl River Mart is an iconic Asian emporium located at 395 Broadway in New York City’s Tribeca district. From home furnishings to fashion and everything in between, the store features one-of- a-kind items imported from Asia, as well as innovative merchandise designed and created by Asian-Americans in the USA.

Pearl River has become symbolic of the uniqueness, authenticity and multi-culturalism of New York City.

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