Aslaug Holm 'Brothers' Documentary on Sundance Now #SundanceNow

Earlier this year I learned about Sundance Now, a streaming service like Netflix or Hulu, because of the documentary “Brothers”, which is directed by filmmaker and mother Aslaug Holm, who filmed her two children over the course of eight years.

Aslaug Holm Brothers Documentary on Sundance Now

Trying to capture ALL the moments of our child's life. I bet all parents can relate to this. Especially now in the digital age where we can use smart devices to *instantly* capture a moment. We don't even have to think about it anymore.

Aslaug Holm Brothers Documentary on Sundance Now

But at the time Aslaug Holm did think about it. And planned it. And then recorded it. And it's amazing to watch.

Check out the trailer

While I learned about Sundance Now because of the documentary, that's not all the site offers. You can also find award-winning films, documentaries and various TV series.

Sundance Now would like more people to watch the “Brothers” documentary along with learning what their site has to offer. So they partnered with me to offer a free one-month trial! Use promo code: FACTOR 

Be sure to sign up by 3/31 to get the 1 month free.

To learn more about Sundance Now, visit -


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