Babytime Cheeky Salve: organic relief for skin problems

Edible, unscented and allergy tested Babytime Cheeky Salve is a must-have product for any diaper bag, changing table, purse and medicine cabinet. This transparent balmy butter is great for chapped lips, dry cheeks, cracked nipples, acne bumps, cradle cap and all-over skin first-aid.

Babytime Cheeky Salve organic relief for skin problems

Cheeky Salve can be used on baby’s skin which gets exposure to heating and air conditioning that zaps moisture, along with harsh winter winds or extreme summer sun.

For moms who are pregnant or now nursing, fluctuating hormones and hungry mouths can take their toll. But the organic ingredients in Cheeky Salve can help solve skin problems and more.

Babytime Cheeky Salve is formulated with a special blend of organic and naturally nourishing ingredients to enhance skin immunity for maximum relief, prevention and healing protection

It's also the only U.S. formulations on the market currently that contain probiotics to enhance skin immunity with every application.

Babytime! Cheeky Salve can be purchased online for $9.50 at

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