TADA Theater: The History Mystery Musical

Opening on Inauguration Day and closing on President’s Day, TADA!’s winter original musical "The History Mystery" is starting a very important conversation with family audiences.

TADA Theater The History Mystery Musical

Originally written in 1995, "The History Mystery" book was rewritten after the 2016 election, and touches on women’s rights, civil rights, and freedoms the USA was founded on.

The "The History Mystery" musical highlights these issues demonstrating that we have not always lived up to what our forefathers set in motion, but it’s up to all citizens to help fulfill the dreams!

TADA Theater The History Mystery Musical

Travel back in time to meet famous and “not so famous” kids who grow up to change the world. These kids just happen to be people such as; Benjamin Franklin, the Wright brothers, Suffragettes, Eleanor Roosevelt, & Martin Luther King Jr.

This 1-hour musical is performed by actors ages 8-18 and suggested for family audiences.

By revisiting these important people in history, TADA! is not only remembering past issues, but reminding the audience that these issues are not as forgotten.

The messages conveyed in this musical are sought to inspire kids to dream for a world we all want to live in- a world that consists of equality for all. The characters you meet are children, but they grow up to be adults that history could never forget. Maybe one of the kids in the audience will change the world. As the lyric says, “It’s up to you and me to make history.”

What: The History Mystery
When: January 20 – February 20
Where: TADA! at 15 West 28th Street, 2nd Floor
How: Tickets start at $10! www.tadatheater.com/shows/buy-tickets

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