Halloween Fun with Cheetos's Chester on the Dresser Book & Plush

Halloween is this month but with all the candy demands, some might wonder what happened to the fun tricks of the season. Where did the trick in trick-or-treat go?

Halloween Fun with Cheetos Chester’s on the Dresser Plush and Book

This year Cheetos is both bringing the tricks back AND giving parents the opportunity to add some prankster fun to their families’ activities. This October, the Cheetos brand will kick of “31 Days of Tricks” to inspire families to have a little sneaky fun together throughout the month leading up to Halloween – and Chester will be there watching.

Using the limited edition Chester on the Dresser doll, and the 31 Days of Halloween Mischief book as inspiration, parents are encouraged to get their prank on. Chester is on the dresser to keep an eye out, ensuring the Halloween season is full of fun tricks, pranks and wisecracks. Whether it’s “Balloon-a-room” or “Spooky Eyes” all is fair game.

Parents are encouraged to tweet and post photos or videos of their most cunning deeds on Instagram and Twitter using #chesteronthedresser to show off their pranking prowess and inspire other tricksters to get in on the fun. The best played tricks will make it onto Chester’s Halloween Wall of Mischief and Fame, proving which families are pranking pros.

Chester on the Dresser packages are sold for $29.99 and available on www.chesteronthedresser.com (while supplies last)

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