Eric Carle's 10 Little Rubber Ducks Animated Film

Jonathan Rockefeller has released his animated film, 10 Little Rubber Ducks narrated by Tony Award-winner Bernadette Peters.

Eric Carle's 10 Little Rubber Ducks Animated Film

Rockefeller’s 10 LITTLE RUBBER DUCKS brings to life Eric Carle’s magnificent illustrations that follow the adventures of 10 rubber ducks as they leave the factory, destined for faraway countries, before being washed overboard from a cargo ship and are swept away in all directions: West, East, North, South, left, right, up, down, this way, and that way...

Eric Carle's 10 Little Rubber Ducks Animated Filmg

“I have been a fan of Eric Carle’s work since I was very young. It has been a true honor to work with him and bring his stories to life on stage and now on film. In fact, Eric recently told me that he thought my little film may well have actually improved upon his original work.
While I was deeply grateful for his kind and generous words, I would not think it possible to ‘improve’ on the impossibly beautiful and unique work of Eric Carle, which has been used for generations by parents and teachers alike to help children learn to read. I am thrilled to offer my film, 10 Little Rubber Ducks--bringing these vivid and imaginative illustrations to life.” Jonathan Rockefeller, filmmaker.

10 LITTLE RUBBER DUCKS is a delightful film that brings the magic of Eric Carle's illustrations to life on the small screen, it is a perfect addition to the video collection of any parent on the go.

10 Little Rubber Duck is available on all platforms including On iTunes, Googleplay, Amazon Video, Hulu and Vimeo.

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