5 LeapFrog Products to Prepare Kids for School

It’s almost time for kids to get back into the learning groove after the summer break. Here are a few LeapFrog products to offer kids a head start on school-readiness by incorporating play with learning skills including reading, math, and social skills.

LeapFrog Products to Prepare Kids for School

  • Tune memory and preschool skills with Melody the Musical Turtle. (MSRP $19.99)

    10 snappy musical activities prompt toddlers ages 2 years and up to find numbers and colors, repeat patterns from memory and create turtle-rific tunes by pressing light-up buttons on Melody’s shell. Little ones can follow Melody’s lights to play 8 familiar tunes, and then improvise in Free Play.
  • Ring up counting skills and pretend play fun with the LeapFrog Count Along Cash Register. (MSRP $19.99)

    Little shoppers ages 2 years and up have big fun in store with a 20-piece set that talks, sings and counts. Add counting to the cart along with aisles of imaginative role play with a spunky singing register pal that comes to life with cool songs and fun phrases.
  • Make learning a blast with LeapFrog® Leaping Letters. (MSRP $14.99)

    Designed with kids ages 3-6 in mind, there are plenty of ways to play for fast-action alphabet learning fun. Kids race against the clock to put all the letter pieces in their spots before time runs out and they go POP!

    Change up the level of difficulty easily with color-coded letter pieces that let kids progress to using all 26 letters of the alphabet when they’re ready. Advance to word building and start forming words with add-on activity cards that make beating the clock an exciting challenge.
  • Launch imaginations and starry night dreams with Scout’s Goodnight Light, the 2-in-1 nightlight and flashlight from LeapFrog. (MSRP $14.99)

    In flashlight mode, Scout’s Goodnight Light projects all eight planets onto the wall, and astro-pups Scout and Violet invite children to explore the solar system, count stars, find colors and more.

    In nighttime mode, little ones can drift off to sleep with glowing stars and numbers that shift from red to blue to green. Easy controls let parents choose 10 or 20 minutes of solar wind, environmental sounds or special lullabies sung by Scout.

LeapFrog Products to Prepare Kids for School

LeapFrog LeapStart™, an Interactive Activity Book System for Preschoolers through First Grade

The LeapStart interactive learning system has two platforms, one for Preschool & Pre-Kindergarten and one for Kindergarten & 1st Grade.

Jam-packed with school and life skills for curious 2-7 year olds, the LeapStart activity books are designed to help build key skills and challenge kids to get ready for their next step in learning.

Using the stylus that comes in both systems, kids can tap any page to activate audio responses and play activities designed to keep them engaged. The system works with a library of re-playable activity books that get kids excited about concepts such as STEM and social skills, reading comprehension and communication, phonics and problem solving, and more

LeapStart Preschool & Pre-Kindergarten system (MSRP $39.99, ages 2-4) and LeapStart Kindergarten & 1st Grade system (MSRP $39.99, ages 5-7) as well as the 16 LeapStart Activity books (MSRP $12.99 each, ages 2-7) will be available at major retail locations and online in the U.S. in early August.

Learn more about LeapFrog, visit www.leapfrog.com

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