Prevent & Treat Bug Bites with Natrapel Bug Repellent

While enjoying one of our usual walks in the park, my son decided he wanted to do some bug catching. Wait what?! I thought we were avoiding bugs!

Prevent and Treat Bug Bites with Natrapel Bug Repellent

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But according to my son, some bugs are cool and he would like to try and catch them. Umm. Ok kid. But first lets get the bug repellent!

Prevent and Treat Bug Bites with Natrapel Bug Repellent

Since my son was going into LOTS of grassy areas, over rocks and under trees, he needed serious bug protection.

Prevent and Treat Bug Bites with Natrapel Bug Repellent
Prevent and Treat Bug Bites with Natrapel Bug Repellent

So I sprayed him with some Natrapel Bug Repellent, which is DEET free and contains a CDC recommended 20% Picaridin formula to provide up to 12 hours of protection even against those Zika mosquitoes. Because who knew how long my son was going to be out there catching bugs?!

Prevent and Treat Bug Bites with Natrapel Bug Repellent

The Natrapel Bug Repellent went on nice and easy. After a few sprays on his arms and legs my son was ready for a morning of "catching" bugs.

And he really did try. Thankfully.....I mean.....sadly the bugs were good at hiding and the moths/butterfly/I'm not sure what it was....was quick to fly away when my son started chasing it.

Prevent and Treat Bug Bites with Natrapel Bug Repellent

Using our Natrapel Bug Repellent was just one way to prevent bug bites.

If your family also enjoys walks in the park or plan on traveling in areas where you need protection from bugs, then you'll be interested in these tips from Dr. Angela Lamb, New York City-based dermatologist, about preventing and treating summer skin troubles.

Cover Up

More bare skin means more risk for bug bites and stings plus exposure to rash-causing plants such as poison ivy and poison oak. Whenever possible, choose clothes that cover skin like long sleeves and pants. Mosquitoes often target feet and ankles, so wearing socks and closed shoes is a good idea as well. Using a repellent before you go out is also a good way to protect exposed skin from mosquitos and biting bugs. Dr. Lamb suggests Natrapel bug repellent, with a CDC recommended 20% Picaridin formula which provides up to 12hr of protection for the whole family. When you get home, check clothes for ticks before heading inside.

Be Aware

When participating in outdoor activities, make sure everyone in your family knows what plants such as poison ivy, oak, and sumac look like so you can avoid them. If you spend time in areas where these plants grow, cover up and avoid contact. When you get home, be sure to wash skin and clothing that may have been exposed to them.

Ensure your yard drains properly during and after rain and empty kiddie pools and other standing water. Proactive steps such as these will prevent mosquitoes from making your yard a breeding ground.

Treat Ailments

Always be prepared with a remedy on hand that can offer your family instant healing and relief from itching, burning and discomfort. For bites and stings, Dr. Lamb suggests using a counterirritant such as After Bite, which stops itch and offers a skin protectant, for temporary relief and faster healing is convenient to have on hand. The kids’ formula is a gentle alternative for little ones or anyone with sensitive skin. Both contain soothing baking soda and offer an easy-to-apply, portable remedy for bites from a wide variety of insects.

For instant and permanent relief from itching and pain associated with hives, rashes and redness, insect bites, minor scrapes, and allergic reactions from poison ivy, oak and sumac, Dr. Lamb recommends The Itch Eraser, a new steroid free anti itch product for the whole family. It’s offered in maximum strength gel and spray with antihistamine as the active ingredient or a sensitive cream formula with baking soda for those who have sensitive skin. All three treatments contain Vitamin E and Tea Tree Oil to heal and moisturize the skin while reducing redness and inflammation.

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