DAVIDsTEA Free Tea for Kids Promo

Tea loving families! Head into any DAVIDsTEA store with your kids and they will receive a free Tea of the Day from July 15th through July 20th!

DAVIDsTEA Free Tea for Kids

DAVIDsTEA Free Tea for Kids

Think it's to good to be true? It's not! We visited our local DAVIDsTEA store and my son received his very own cup of iced tea to enjoy.

DAVIDsTEA Free Tea for Kids

Getting the tea was super easy. My son first taste tested between the two flavors of the day. Made his choice and then received his cup.

And it was so good! My son was nice enough to share a few sips with me. Just a few. He finished off the rest by himself.

DAVIDsTEA Free Tea for Kids

Seems we'll have to visit DAVIDsTEA another day for his next free tea!

To learn more about DAVIDsTEA, visit - www.davidstea.com

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On Twitter - www.twitter.com/davidstea

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