Using Para’kito Kids Band for natural mosquito protection

By 6/08/2016 02:33:00 PM

My son and I love walks in the park. It's nice to be surrounded by green living things. What's not nice is the bugs that tag along during our walks, especially the mosquitoes. Who invited them anyway?!

Note: I received product sample for review purpose. Any personal views expressed are always 100% my own.

To keep our walks as mosquito free as possible, I tried out the PARA’KITO™, natural mosquito repellent products. They even have a band made specially for kids!

I really liked the idea of using a natural, eco-friendly, DEET-free mosquito repellent, especially on a child. No sprays or lotions to worry about.

PARA’KITO uses a unique blend of essential oils and a patented slow-release technology to offer mosquito protection in a stylish way.

The PARA’KITO kids band was really easy to use. You just slide in the natural mosquito pellet and have your child wear while outside. Each pellet provides up to 15 days of constant protection.

Bands are waterproof, easily adjustable and can be worn around the wrist or ankle or hung on a backpack, belt or stroller. The kids bands come with a special ID label for name and contact details!

My son liked wearing something "cool" and I liked knowing he (and I) could enjoy our walks in the park without mosquitoes tagging along.

While we tried out the PARA’KITO kids band, they have other mosquito repellent products including

  • PARA’KITO™ Refillable Bands & Clips: Comfy neoprene bands and clips are easy to use and great for the whole family. 
  • PARA’KITO™ Roll-on Gel: This super-smart gel may be applied directly to any area of skin. As the natural oils’ active ingredients are released into the air around you, it immediately forms a physical barrier between you and the mosquito, masking scent, so mosquitoes will have a hard time finding you. 
  • PARA’KITO™ Unidose Gel: For extra protection, just snap and squeeze! With up to five hours of protection, use the single-dose gel as often as you want and in as much quantity as you prefer. 

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