Insect Shield Maternity & Kids Fashion Collection

As the weather gets warmer, many are planning to spend more time outside. But if you're a expecting mother, you need to be careful of bugs and other insects since they can carry harmful virus that can affect both mother and unborn child.

Insect Shield Maternity Fashion Collection

In response to strong demand from consumers for a wider assortment of insect repellent protective clothing for families and pregnant women, Insect Shield has launched a Maternity and Lifestyle collection.

Insect Shield Kids Fashion Collection

The new Insect Shield Maternity and Lifestyle collection includes a range of every day basics including casual tops and bottoms ideal for weekend wear, buggy backyard BBQ’s, gardening and sporting events – all with built-in, Insect Shield protection.

The collection will help offer protection to those traveling to Zika-risk areas and also work well to help protect families from ticks and mosquitoes in their own backyards.

Insect Shield Fashion Collection

Insect Shield Permethrin-Treated Clothing:

Originally developed for the US military, Insect Shield technology bonds permethrin to apparel and gear products to provide odorless, effective and long-lasting protection. EPA-registered Insect Shield is tested and proven to repel mosquitoes, ticks, ants, flies, chiggers and midges (including those that can carry Zika virus and other illnesses such as Lyme disease, Dengue fever and malaria.).

The repellency is tightly bonded to the clothing and lasts through 70 washings, the expected life time of the garment. Insect Shield is appropriate for use by the entire family with no restrictions

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