First Experience of Dolby Cinema Technology at AMC Prime Theaters #DolbyCinema

While in LA with the Dolby Laboratories team, I had the opportunity to experience Dolby Cinema at AMC Prime for the first time ever during a movie screening.

Experiencing Dolby Cinema at AMC Prime

Note: Dolby Laboratories invited me on an all expense paid trip to Los Angeles. While I'm part of Dolby influencer program and shared different activities during the trip, any personal views expressed are always 100% my own.

Written by guest writer Christina Chin, who's hip, fashionable and located in New York City.

Dolby Cinema at AMC Prime is a premium cinema experience that combines spectacular image and sound technologies with inspired design and fantastic comfort. These special enhanced theaters are very easy to spot as it starts with their signature entrance, a vivid audio visual pathway that is designed to get moviegoers in to the mindset of the movie they are going to watch.

Experiencing Dolby Cinema at AMC Prime
Experiencing Dolby Cinema at AMC Prime

So how was my first time going to a Dolby Cinema at AMC Prime? I have to say it was one, if not the best, theater going experience for me and I go to the movies a lot!

There's super comfy reclining seats that you get to reserve ahead of time when you purchase tickets (no worries of getting to the theater late and not finding a good seat or having to split up with friends and family!), the total crystal clear surround sound, and vivid imaging made for a really immersive theater experience.

Basically, it delivers the total cinema experience - super dark theaters in black matte with
  • Dolby Vision laser projection for richer, vivid and more dramatic images with enhanced colors and clarity,
  • Dolby Atmos sound technology that moves audio around the entire theater in sync with the action to create a more immersive experience,
  • and last but certainly not least, AMC Prime's power reclining seats with seat transducers that vibrate with the action on screen.

Experiencing Dolby Cinema at AMC Prime

Just a FYI, with the premium experience there's a premium cost to attend (about the same cost as going to an IMAX screening), so it is for those special date nights or special family night out to go and treat yourself to the ultimate movie experience!

Dolby Cinema at AMC Prime is currently available in 8 locations (California, Georgia, Illinois, New York, Texas, Missouri, and Kansas) with more under construction including AMC Century City 15, AMC Willowbrook 24, and AMC Garden State 16.

Due to the positive response from customers, AMC will be expediting their installations and deployment of Dolby Cinema at AMC Prime and is now aiming towards 50 screens by 2016 and 100 screens by 2024!

Movie lovers can enjoy the upcoming "IN THE HEART OF THE SEA" starring Chris Hemsworth, which is the next big Dolby Cinema title to be shown at AMC Empire 25 in NYC!

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