Nickelodeon Parents has free printables, recipes and activities

Launched this week, "Nickelodeon Parents" was designed to provide parents and caregivers with Nickelodeon content and shareable experiences from pin-worthy recipes, to free printables and crafts, retail and recreation offers, and everything in between.

Nickelodeon Parents has free printables, recipes and activities

Users can also experience unique offers like entering the 12 Days of Nick Jr. Holiday Sweepstakes or becoming a member of the SpongeBob Fan Club.

The Nickelodeon Parents blog will feature show-specific content from Nick’s hit preschool and animated series. You can learn how to create custom Nickelodeon-inspired crafts like crocheted Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle figures, Shimmer and Shine paper dolls, and PAW Patrol vehicles.

Or find endless printable coloring pages from Dora to SpongeBob

Or build a birthday party from scratch with free printables, games, and activities. Then schedule a free birthday phone call from your child’s favorite character!

Additionally, parents can find information about Nickelodeon’s pro-social initiatives such as “Beyond the Backpack,” which promotes kindergarten readiness for preschoolers, and the annual HALO Awards.

New content will be added weekly, as well as original content from a variety of contributors. All content will be socially enabled for sharing via preferred networks.

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