Swingy Wireless Wood Balance Board Review & Special Launch Price

Like many kids in this generation, my son LOVES being on his mobile device. While I encourage my son to use technology, I don't encourage him to just sit at home playing with his tablet and not being active.

Swingy Wireless Wood Kids Balance Board

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Ideally I'd love to find ways my son can use technology and be active at the same time, so I was excited to review the Swingy, which does exactly that!

Swingy is the world's first wireless balance board for playing games on tablets and smartphones. It is made of wood and designed for children aged 4 to 12.
Swingy stimulates children to move while playing digital games, enhances their sense of balance, and improves their coordination. In short, Swingy helps children become active and agile.

Swingy Wireless Wood Kids Balance Board

After we received our Swingy, I took a closer look at the boards to see how it works. The boards are very sturdy with a little weight. You won't have to worry about your child stepping on them and it snapping. It seemed like it will hold up to repeated use as your child plays the game.

The top has a non slip and firm panel that features Swingy the squirrel. The overall design will put parents at ease for kids to use and kids will like the fun bright graphics.

Swingy Wireless Wood Kids Balance Board

Next thing we did was download the Swingy app so we can use the boards to play one of the games.

Swingy Wireless Wood Kids Balance Board
Swingy Wireless Wood Kids Balance Board

Then it was an easy setup to connect to the Swingy app via the sensors on the boards using a bluetooth connection.

After that my son was ready to play Swing Pong.

Swingy Wireless Wood Kids Balance Board

His first attempt on the steps was a bit wobbly but he soon got his balance.

Swingy Wireless Wood Kids Balance Board

A few moments later he learned how to coordinate his leg movements with the sliders in the game. From then on he had a blast playing the game and increasing his points.

Swingy Wireless Wood Kids Balance Board

While my son enjoyed playing Swing Pong, I felt good he was getting a mini workout and doing more with his mobile device then just "sitting".

I think the Swingy is a great way to get a child up and active with using their mobile device. To see the Swingy in action, check out this video

The Swingy will fully launch on October 14, 2015 and you can get a special discounted price! Visit the Swingy Kickstarter page to learn more.

To learn more, visit - www.swingy.net

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