Doohickies Custom Lacing Keep the Fun Going Review #Doohickies

My son has a very active lifestyle. He's either at the playground or enjoying an after school or weekend activity. It's all about having fun and being in motion with his friends, not stopping to deal with sneaker laces that keep coming untied.

Doohickies Custom Lacing for Kids

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Doohickies Custom Lacing for Kids

Most times my son isn't going to stop the fun to get his laces ties. But having him run around with loose laces isn't safe or fun. I usually make him stop to get his laces tied but that's no fun either. For him or for me.

Doohickies Custom Lacing for Kids

But now with DOOHICKIES we can avoid all that stopping and fussing over untied laces.

DOOHICKIES are a new colorful and completely customizable shoelace replacement system that turns kids' sneakers into slip-ons! DOOHICKIES lacing works by threading seamlessly through the eyelets of any shoe, then snapping in place for a hassle-free fit. Fasten once and kids never have to tie their sneakers again!

Doohickies Custom Lacing for Kids

Can I just say that DOOHICKIES are awesome! I tried them out while we were at the playground and it was super easy to replaces my son laces with them. They slipped in and fasten quick and easy.

Which was important since I had a group of kids waiting for my son to come back and play tag.

DOOHICKIES are one-size-fits-all for boys and girls. Kids get to choose from super fun color packs and a number of different lacing techniques.

They are available for purchase for $9.99 each at select retailers or online at

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