YMCA NYC Tennis Class & Y Mobile App

With kids settling into their school routine, now is a good time for parents to plan after-school and weekend activities. Last month I shared about the family & kids Fall classes at YMCA NYC. Hopefully you checked the classes out.

YMCA NYC Tennis Class and Mobile App

Note: I received a free YMCA NYC class for the purpose of this review. However, any personal views expressed are always 100% my own.

Like other parents, I'm in the middle of planning my son's activities, so I wanted to learn more about the YMCA classes. After checking the long list of classes, I signed my son up for a trail Tennis class. Somehow my son decided he wanted to learn to play tennis?!

YMCA NYC Tennis Class and Mobile App

The YMCA tennis class included kids within my son's age range so he felt comfortable and was able to learn with the kids on the same level.

YMCA NYC Tennis Class and Mobile App

The YMCA Tennis class itself was pretty straight forward. There was two coaches who worked with the kids.

YMCA NYC Tennis Class and Mobile App

The kids started out learning how to come out and hit the ball. A task that looks much easier then it actually is.

YMCA NYC Tennis Class and Mobile App

Then the kids did semi drills hitting the ball at different areas on the court.

YMCA NYC Tennis Class and Mobile App

Honestly my son had much to learn. He missed hitting the ball more then actually hitting it. But he was still enthusiastic to learn and play the game.

YMCA NYC Tennis Class and Mobile App

The coaches were correcting but also encouraging the kids at all times. So no kid felt discouraged or left out if they missed the ball. At one point the kids that missed hitting the ball helped catch and retrieve the tennis balls for the other kids. That lead to lots of laughs while picking up the balls. It was a team effort.

In the end, that what's it all about right? Our kids having a good time. I'm glad we tried out the YMCA Tennis class.

YMCA Mobile App

Along with Tennis, the YMCA of NYC centers has lots of classes your child (or you) can enjoy. I recently downloaded the YMCA App (who knew they had one!) and can now search all the YMCA NYC location to see what classes they offer. I can also find our specific location info about hours, events and more. It's a great time saver!


The easiest way to find your favorite fitness class is right in your pocket.

Features include:
  • Search & Add Classes To Your Calendar
  • Share on Facebook, Twitter, and Foursquare
  • Get Facility Status (Closings)
  • Find Programs, Events, & Camp Info
To learn more and download the Y Mobile App, visit - www.ymcanyc.org/app

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