Kids Eat NYC Kid Friendly Restaurant Menus #KidsEatNYC

Like many parents I encourage my child to taste different types of foods. It's good to expose your child to new and different flavors. But while this might be easy to do at home, it's not so easy when your outside and in a restaurant.

Kids Eat NYC Kid Friendly Restaurant Menus

For one, some restaurants only offer the standard traditional kids menu items like chicken fingers, pizza, grilled cheese, etc. For another some restaurants aren't really kid friendly.

Thankfully this weekend Kids Eat NYC has a solution for both those issues! They're sharing a list of NYC Restaurants that are both kid friendly and offering healthy diverse meals just for kids to enjoy!

Kids Eat NYC is 4 days, August 27-30, and have partnered with forward thinking NYC restaurants who have each created their own take on the kids menu. It's restaurant week style, so each restaurant will be serving up its prix fixe kids menu at its location.

Kids can expect a totally different food presentation when they arrive including complex and savory flavors like Miranda’s Mangu and Black Beans, Black Tree’s Gooseberry ‘Artichoke’ Dip and Vai’s ‘Pancetta Salmon Saltimbocca’.

The current list of restaurants and their menus is online at

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