Get Organized with Brother P-touch Label Maker for Back to School

As the new school year starts approaching, parents can find themselves overwhelmed with organizing and getting their kids ready for back to school. One tool that can actually help parents (and the kids) keep it all together is the Brother P-touch label maker!

3 Ways to Get Organized for Back to School Brother P-touch Label Maker

Recognized as one of the best organizing tools by authorities from Real Simple’s Hall of Fame to The Good Housekeeping Institute, the Brother P-touch label maker can help parents organize projects in just a few simple steps.

With its wide variety of tape colors and types, here a just a few ways the P-touch label maker can make back to school season a little bit easier:


Managing schedules, shopping lists, homework, school papers, deadlines, and even chores on a daily basis can be daunting. The P-touch label maker can easily help you organize it all in a customized way that fits your family’s needs. With a P-touch label maker and a dry erase or bulletin board, parents can even create a family command center by printing just a few labels in a matter of minutes

Add a personal touch to school supplies

84% of students add a personalized touch to their school supplies according to an Office Depot survey. With the P-touch, parents and kids can easily add a fun personal touch on back to school items including water bottles, notebooks, pencil cases, binders, planners, and lunch boxes

Safeguarding expensive and important everyday items

Labeling kids’ items with a P-touch helps parents prevent loss and ensure they’re not buying things twice. Durable labels, including water-resistant labels and fabric labels, will outlast the wear and tear of the school year and keep items safe and sound - from the expensive items like phones and athletic equipment to essentials like keys and inhalers to everyday items, such as hats and sweatshirts.

Whether it’s organizing the home so it runs smoother, ensuring that important items don’t get lost at school, or adding a personal touch to school supplies, parents can say goodbye to markers, cutting, gluing, and taping with a fast and easy-to-use P-touch label maker.

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