5 Products for Breastfeeding Moms

As get ready to close out National Breastfeeding Month, I wanted to highlight a few more products nursing moms would be interested in.

5 Products for Breastfeeding Moms

NuRoo Nursing Scarf: Designed as a favorite accessory for mom, so she has it on her when needed. The snaps on either end let you customize your coverage wrapped or draped, front and back, over the shoulder or around the neck. The fabric is super-soft, moisture wicking, breathable, wrinkle free, and not distracting for baby. Added bonus, you’ll love this fashionable scarf long after breastfeeding days!

Bundle Organics: provides a line of nutritional beverages designed specifically for pregnant and nursing moms. Each juice is packed with the best organic fruits and veggies for pregnancy, along with an extra boost of essential vitamins for mom and baby, including folic acid, vitamin D, calcium, iron, and omega-3. The first line of pasteurized organic juices, made with USDA organic, non-GMO fruits and veggies, fortified with OBGYN-recommended nutrients that complement daily prenatal vitamins.

Nurse Purse: With room to carry a pump, cooler, laptop and more, the Nurse Purse truly is a better breast pump bag. Designed for breastfeeding Moms on the go, the Nurse Purse is a stylish step up from the standard-issue black nylon bag. With a sturdy removable insert that holds your breast pump securely in place, water and stain resistant fabrics, and room for all your essentials, the Nurse Purse is the only bag you’ll need. Designed to hold your pump, cooler, all your gear and your personal items – it’s the only bag you’ll need to carry.

The Kiinde Twist Feeding System: A twist on infant breastmilk feeding, the Kiinde Twist feeding system allows you to directly pump from ANY pump into breastmilk storage pouches with leak-proof, twist-locking caps. You can then label, organize, store, warm, and feed from that same pouch - without ever having to transfer precious breast milk from bottles to bags. Collapsible pouches completely eliminate gas from your baby’s meal, and Active Latch nipples are designed to teach natural breastfeeding behaviors that ease the transition between bottle and breast.

the Mamachic Reversible Bamboo Scarf: Designed in Mamachic’s signature shape with strategic snap buttons, moms be able to wear the Mamachic in countless ways, then seamlessly convert it into a nursing cover, burp cloth or swaddle blanket. Mamachic is machine-washable, available in a choice of 4 color combinations and made in the USA!

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