Geleeo Self-Cooling Stroller Liners New Colors

This year Geleeo, the award-winning self-cooling stroller liner, launch of its 2015 line just in time for summer. The new line introduces two new colors, Grey and Tan, as well as several improvements to the overall design and feel of the product.

Geleeo Self-Cooling Stroller Liners New Colors

Geleeo, provides a constant, gentle and soothing cooling sensation so toddlers stay comfortable in their strollers for hours. It fits in all toddler strollers and requires no freezing, batteries or energy consumption.

Geleeo Self-Cooling Stroller Liners New Colors

“Many of our moms said they wanted Geleeos in more neutral colors, to match their strollers,” said Helene Xu, founder and inventor of Geleeo. “We take their feedback very seriously and are introducing two new colors this summer – right before the hottest months of the year.”

Geleeo, the first product of its kind, is made with safe materials that are compliant with U.S. and European safety standards.

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