Playing Uno Game with Hexbugs - Wordless Wednesday

By 5/27/2015 06:56:00 PM ,

I was going through my photos for something else when I came across this photo. I took this photo after watching my son playing a game of Uno with his Hexbugs.

Playing Uno Game with Hexbugs Wordless Wednesday

Notice how he gave each Hexbug their own set of cards? LOL I wonder which Hexbug won the game.....

Sometimes (ok most times) I'm at a loss trying to figure out how my son decides to "play" with his toys. But as long as he (and his toys) are having fun then it's all good.

What different way has your child played with their toys?

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  1. Kids are so imaginative. My daughter would pretend her dolls are her siblings or her students. My favorite is when she pretends they're her students because she's a strict teacher. It's hilarious.

  2. When my daughter plays with her action figures Batman and Joker are friends. And I remember her tell me Superman was a waiter by day and a superhero at night. lol I tired to tell her no but she wasn't having it. My husband who got her hooked on comics and superheros thinks it hilarious.

  3. I like that your son is able to play several different hands with the hexbugs. It is a show of his intelligence! My children have all liked to role play with their games and toys. It is funny to watch my youngest play chess against themselves by pretending they are one of their siblings and making moves they think the sibling would make.

  4. That's so cute about the imino game and I love your son's imagination. My daughter is only 10 months now and the only thing she's interested in is everything else other than her toys like electrical cords and heavy bookshelf lol nothing beats having a great imagination