GameStop Program for Vintage Video Games and Consoles

GameStop has kicked off a pilot trade-in and sales program for retro consoles, games, and accessories. This is your chance to relive fond memories with your coveted game/console/accessory of choice from way back when.

GameStop Trade-In and Sell Program for Vintage Games and Consoles

Stores in the NYC, NJ, and Long Island area (as well as Birmingham, Alabama) are starting the program, accepting items for many classic platforms:
  • Customers can drop off trade-in items for in-store credit at area GameStops (check with your local store for participation, but MANY are covered!)
  • NES (Nintendo Entertainment System); SEGA Genesis; Super Nintendo; Nintendo 64; PS4 (original PlayStation); SEGA Dreamcast
  • Traded items will be processed at GameStop’s Refurbishment Operations Center in Texas for professional inspection, testing, and repair
  • After inspection, products will be offered for sale through and the web-to-store program
Depending on demand, GameStop will begin a national roll out to more stores this year. What a great program to help you either let go of, or score that original Nintendo, SEGA Genesis, and other video game systems from the olden days!

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