How I Celebrated a Mother Like Figures with ProFlowers #CelebrateEveryMom

As we celebrate Mother's Day, many are getting presents and flowers ready for their moms. Like many of you, my thought are on my mom during this time. But I'm also thinking of other women who have had a positive influence in my life.

Celebrating Mothers Day with ProFlowers

Note: I received offer to send flower bouquet for review purpose. No other compensation was received. Any personal views expressed are always 100% my own.

Women like Debra, who has been a boss turned mentor and friend who shares my love of chocolate. While I've known Debra for years, it hardly seems like it. Every time we meet we share laughs, gossip and tidbits of life like we hardly see each other.

While that's somewhat the case now, it hardly was about 2 years ago. I use to see Debra everyday since I worked with her and she was my boss. I should mention that was my 2nd time working with her in the same company.

A few years ago while working for the company I quit to try a new field. But a few years later after having my son and looking to return back to work, Debra invited me to come back to the company.

At the time I wasn't sure about working full-time so we discuss me working on a part time basis while adjusting to being a new working mom. I can't tell you how much I appreciated such an offer. Returning back to work as a mom is an unsettling feeling under the best of circumstances.

My adjustment as a working mom was anything but easy. Having to juggle doctor visits, sick days, days when schooled was closed but I had no sitter, meant A LOT of calling out. Like a lot. Which meant delays in my work load.

Did I mention I worked in accounting where you needed to get all financial information in before end of the quarter. Delays are not good or welcomed in that field. I admit there were times I was scared to go into her office, but somehow Debra and I figured things out and got the job done. But it wasn't easy. For her or for me.

But at no time did Debra make me feel bad about doing what I needed to take care of my son. She fussed and she got mad a few times but she was always open to finding a way to help me juggle being a working mom.

But getting the job done began to take a toll on me. Being a working mother wasn't easy. I wanted to be a good mother and a good employee. At the time it seemed I couldn't do both and so I quit. Again.

As I walked into her office with the news, I was sure that was going to be the end of my career and our friendship. After doing all they could to help me adjust, how could I leave the company. Again.

But Debra being the amazing woman she is, understood why I needed to leave (again) and I'm happy share our friendship has survive and continued a few years after that. Debra still offers an listening ear, encouragement for me to pursue a career that makes me happy and unlimited access to the chocolate in her office.

Celebrating Mothers Day with ProFlowers

So this Mother's Day I wanted to send Debra a gift as bright and colorful as our friendship as been over the years. I chose these ProFlowers MultiColored Tulips (great spring flowers) and both Debra and I were pleased when they arrived. They were so fresh and smelled wonderful. I could tell when they bloomed they'd spread open in a colorful bouquet.

Celebrating Mothers Day with ProFlowers

ProFlowers has many beautiful Mother’s Day bouquets to pick from.

Did you send the special mom you know flowers? It's not too late. Every Mom in your life should be celebrated, whether that’s your sister who is such a great Mom to your niece, your best friend who recently gave birth to her first child, or your mother-in-law who raised your hubby to be the man he is today. Order today and have them delivered tomorrow and say thanks.

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