Honest Fizz Organic Golden Ginger Ale Review

If you read my post about introducing my family to Honest Tea, you know I'm a fan of this beverage company. So when they offered to send me some of their Honest Fizz Line, I grabbed a cup and said yes!

Honest Fizz Organic Ginger Ale

Note: I received product sample for review purpose. Any personal views expressed are always 100% my own.

While we've enjoyed the other Honest Teas beverages, the Honest Fizz Line is new to me. But this was a great time to try it out since there's a new addition to line - Golden Ginger Ale Honest Fizz!

Honest Fizz organic Golden Ginger Ale: Organic ginger and other flavors are sweetened with a combination of organic stevia & erythritol and carbonated for bubbly refreshment. Available in 12 fl. oz. cans.

Honest Fizz Organic Ginger Ale

I enjoyed the Golden Ginger Ale Honest Fizz. It's like a light version of Ginger Ale soda without all the "stuff". The taste was refreshing and clean so no lingering after taste. Best of all it has zero calories!

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