DIY Kids T-shirt from Althea Harper, Project Runway finalist

Your baby is a one-of-a-kind little character, so why not make them a one-of-a-kind outfit? Show off your baby’s unique personality with this fun DIY T-shirt project from Project Runway finalist Althea Harper.

DIY Kids T-shirt from Althea Harper Project Runway finalist

Althea is a new mom and has recently launched a baby line of her own, so she is definitely an expert on adult and baby fashion.

This craft is sure to save money on clothes for your fast-growing baby: with the average baby’s graphic tee running about $15, this project can easily be made for under $5 using fabric found at a craft store, or around the house. It can be styled solo or under a chic vest for a versatile look and it makes for a perfect baby gift.

DIY Kids T-shirt from Althea Harper Project Runway finalist

  1. Pick out Materials. This includes the t-shirt (or pillowcase, etc) as well as the material you would like to use to make the design. I recommend using a 100% cotton with a print that you love. You will also need: scissors, a Rowenta iron and an Ultra Hold Iron on Adhesive.
  2. Iron the adhesive on the back of the fabric that you would like to use to create your design. You will iron directly on the paper backing, only taking off the paper on the side that will be bonded to the fabric.
  3. Cut out the design that you would like to use. You can create a multi dimension design by cutting a variety of shapes from different fabrics. (Example- if you are making a dog using a different fabric for the ears or legs, etc.)
  4. Take off the paper backing and place the design directly on the t-shirt with the adhesive facing the t-shirt (or pillowcase, etc) and then iron the fabric using a Rowenta iron.

* Additional step: You can top stitch around the design for an extra hold.

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