Kid Lid Covers Protects Laptops KeyBoards

Remember a few months ago when my son spilled liquid on my laptop. Lets take a moment of deep breathe in memory.

I bet if I had one of these products from Kid Lid, I would have blogged a different story. Why? Because Kid Lid, offers a simple and safe solution that protects devices like laptops while still allowing kids to use them.

 photo kidlid_zpsruw1lgrk.jpg

Founded by Matthew Mogol, a stay at home father, Mogolo (Kid Lid’s parent company) currently offers two different versions of their products: Protect and Fold Up.

The Fold Up Board provides a soft yet protective solution for guarding any laptop’s keyboard. Perfect for both children and adult travelers, this versatile design allows the user to flip up the bottom fold for easy access to the computer’s track pad without fully removing the board. Available for $39 in Watermelon and Black for 13” and 15” laptops.

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The Protect Board is the strongest and sturdiest of the Kid Lid products and provides a smooth and stable surface that protects the keyboard from pounding and small hands. The Protect Board is also dishwasher safe for easy cleaning and available for $29 in White for 13” and 15” laptops.

Both products were created with real kids in mind and are made of BPA-free polycarbonate plastic and universally created for 13” and 15” Mac and PC laptop computers.

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