T-Rex Trying and Trying Book Review #TRexTrying

Like many little boys, my son likes Dinosaurs so I knew he'd enjoy reading T-REX TRYING AND TRYING about a loveably Tyrannosaurus Rex family – T-Rex, She-Rex and Wee-Rex – tackling everyday dilemmas.

T-Rex Trying and Trying Book

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We both read T-REX TRYING AND TRYING by Hugh Murphy (a Plume original, $13) and enjoyed it. My son thought the photos were funny. I like that the story taught the lesson about not giving up. Even when the odds are clearly stacked against you.

In T-REX TRYING AND TRYING, the family faced such challenges including
  • T-Rex Trying to Take a Selfie
  • She-Rex Trying to Put on a Makeup
  • We-Rex Trying to Crawl
.....And many more amusements of the prehistoric family’s trials and tribulations!

T-REX TRYING AND TRYING features over one-hundred quirky illustrations of hilarious activities the family attempts that we humans take for granted. I think both young and older readers will enjoy this book.

To learn more, visit - www.trextrying.tumblr.com

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