Lola's World Educational App Prepares Kids for School #LolaPanda

The Lola Panda apps are both educational and fun to play. In the past we've reviewed different Lola Panda apps including, Lola's Math Train 2, I Spy with Lola Panda and Lola’s Math Train. 

So I wanted to share news about Lola's World App for iPads and iPhones and it's December holiday themes including snow!

Lola's World Educational App Prepares Kids for School

The Lola's World App is designed to help children ages 3-5 develop readiness for school while adventuring from island to island. Lola will guide kids on a treasure hunt to explore beautiful islands with beaches, jungles and mountains. Solve tasks to discover map pieces one-by-one and finally get ready to dig up a treasure chest with golden coins.

Using the app, kids will learn:
  • Measurement: Compare sizes, amounts and numbers
  • Patterns & Sorting: Match groups and amounts or compare objects
  • Counting & Numbers: Recognize numbers, and count objects and numbers
  • Basic Operations: Add with numbers or objects, put numbers in sequences
  • Geometry & Colors: Recognize shapes and colors or build puzzles
Your child can start playing now for FREE, with limited content for 3-year-olds and a basic progress tracker.

You can upgrade to the Lola's World FULL version whenever you want with 1-month, 3-month, or 12-month subscription. Subscription opens the full range of tasks, including 4- and 5-year-old packages, parental section with a full progress tracker, latest features by monthly updates, and more personalization with toys, clothes, food and all avatars.

Lola's World Educational App Prepares Kids for School

Updates to Lola's World App will bring new interactive features like new mini-games, islands for adventure, new fancy clothes and more toys to decorate your air ship. Lola’s World will also celebrate the big holidays with your child by giving seasonal updates with fun features.

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  1. I like the mini-games. I'm sure my daughters would love the clothes to dress up Lola. :)

  2. I like that it teaches while being fun

  3. i love that there are lots of different ways to play