5 Holiday Gift Ideas at Parragon Books

Searching for a great gift idea for family, friend or a co-worker? Parragon Books has wonderful books and gifts to delight everyone no matter their interests.

Here are 5 Holiday Gift Ideas You Can Find at Parragon Books

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FOR THE LITTLE ONES - Is it your little one’s first holiday? Encourage a love of reading this holiday season with these amazing books and toys for babies and toddlers.

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FOR THOSE WHO LOVE TO CREATE - Does your child love to get creative? There’s nothing better than seeing their imagination come alive with these build and play gift sets!

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FOR THOSE WITH A WILD SIDE - If you believe that life is about getting noticed, the Life Canvas: Wild is the must-have stationery collection for you. Take a walk on the wild side with this vivacious range of products featuring bold feather prints, and really stand out from the crowd!

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FOR THOSE WHO LOVE TO BAKE - Little hands love to help in the kitchen - whether it's making the cookie dough, rolling it out, cutting out shapes, decorating the cookies, or even just licking the spoon - baking together is a recipe for fun!

This 3D Cookie Kits contains easy-to-make recipes, with clear step-by-step instructions and helpful photographs of the method to get children and adults into the kitchen. Each kit also come with a cutter, perfect for creating a fantastic 3D creation.

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FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY - There’s nothing better than sitting down and enjoying some family time. The Professor Murphy's Emporium or Entertainment collection isn’t just one for the kids. Your whole family will have hours of fun with our variety of games, novelties, puzzles and more!

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